Installation of Aboveground FRP pipes With Rigid Jointing System

There are several reasons to employ FRP Bi-Axial pipe class with rigid jointing systems in combination with Uni-Axial pipe with flexible jointing systems. FRP Bi-Axial pipes of Faratec™ is designed to be installed with rigid connections and the entire pipeline is supposed to adequately withstand axial and hoop stresses occurred at change of directions in pipeline. This type of FRP pipeline system behaves similar to steel pipeline and so stresses and supports shall be dealt through the same process. Farassan© provide clients with precise software based stress analysis following with proper supporting information. A complete installation manual is available for proper installation of above ground systems. Due to low coefficient of linear expansion, temperature difference is of no great concern although it is much higher than in an underground system. The effect is accommodated by the joint system and the type of supports. More details will be provided if required.

Aboveground Installation of FRP Bi-Axial Pipeline
Fig 1 - Sample Support For Aboveground Installation of FRP Bi-Axial Pipeline