Subsea Installation of FRP Pipes

For GRP pipe installation as intake and outfall lines, It is more . often convenient that the pipes are joined together and towed to the position to be installed while installation procedure may vary. Farassan© will provide specific installation instructions for any particular project after receiving all the required information and possibly a site visit. In general few methods are being briefly explained hereunder.

1- Single Pipe Installation

Installing pipes one by one and jointing them under water is so called Single Pipe Installation. Full detail will be available if required.

Single Pipe Installation Grp pipe
Fig 1 - Subsea Installation of FRP Pipe

2- Multiple Pipe Installation

Two or three section of pipes are preassembled on land or barge then lowered to water and joined under water.

3- Multiple Pipe Installation, Providing Pipe Strings (towing)

Long pipe section (100m-300m-500m-….) are preassembled on land or barge and lowered to water and joined under water. They will be designed with adequate axial and bending strength and joined as described previously. This type of installation is fast, economical and can be used for pipes up to 2000 mm diameter. Depending on the sea bottom, weather condition and adequacy of equipment, different tow methods are selected.

Subsea Installation Of FRP Pipe
Fig 2 - Subsea Installation of FRP Pipe

More details will be available according to projects condition.