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Kharg Methanol Production Complex
 GRP  انتقال آب دریا به واحد متانول خارگ  با استفاده از لوله
Project Goal:

The aim of the project was to transfer seawater to the Kharg Methanol Production Complex. Kharg Island is located in the Persian Gulf and is a house for a number of large oil and petrochemical facilities. This island also is one of important oil shipment terminals in Persian Gulf.
  لوله های GRP فراتک در عمق حدوداً 11 متر از سطح دریا

Highlights of the Project:

  • Subaqueous Installation. Approximately 200 meter of DN 1200 and 1400 meters of Faratec GRP pipes was installed in the depth of about 11 meter in the sea. This pipeline system transfers the seawater to the onshore GRP pipeline of Kharg Methanol complex.
  • In order to protect the pipeline from entering sea living organisms, an Hypochlorite injection line was designed and installed.
  • Reka GRP couplings made the subaqueous pipe joining fast and easy.
  • Faratec GRP lines were laid in wide trenches in the bottom of the gulf and secured with specially designed heavy supports. The GRP pipeline had withstood the weight of the support and the pipeline is still operating without any damage.

Why Faratec GRP Pipes:

  • Low weight (75% lighter than cast iron pipes), therefore eliminating the need for heavy and costly subaqueous installation machinery.
  • Special REKA coupling made the subaqueous installation fast and easy.
  • Resistance to internal and external corrosion. Persian Gulf has one of the high salinity levels (40%) in comparison to all other oceans in the world.
  • Low friction coefficient which made downsizing of the pipe possible.
  • Hypochlorite injected to pipeline causes the PH to drop dramatically. Faratec GRP pipes are the best solution for acidic environments.

Pipeline Specification:

    • Pipe material: Faratec GRP Pipe
    • Diameter: 1200 and 1400 mm
    • Pressure Class: 10 bar
    • Stiffness Class: 10000 Pa
    • Quantity: 870 meter
    • Commissioning: 1999.
    • Client: Petrochemical Industries Erection & Construction Company
    • Consultant: PDEC Company
    • Contractor: Petrochemical Industries Erection & Construction Company

    Zagros Petrochemical Complex

     انتقال مواد شیمیایی و آب دریا به پتروشیمی زاگرس  - GRP   لوله
    Project Goal:

    To transfer seawater to utility section of Zagros Petrochemical Complex (Intake and outlet utility lines).
    Installation Site:
    Zagrooz Petrochemical Complex is located in South Pars Gas field in the southern part of Iran. This region is estimated to have some of the largest gas reservoir in the world.

    Why Faratec GRP Pipes?

    • High corrosive resistance property og Faratec GRP pipes provided the best solution for this highly corrosive industrial environment. Despite cast Iron pipes, Faratec GRP pipes are resistance to oxidation and show excellent resistance toward corrosion caused by the corrosive gases in the atmosphere of the job site as well as to the seawater which is the pipe medium.
    • Because of explosive gases in the atmosphere Faratec's GRP pipe are all the best choice, because the pipes could be joined together using "Cold Work" procedure.
    • All accessories and fittings could be custom-made and fabricated at the job site.
    • GRP pipes made by Farassan could handle high fluid velocity (4.5 m/sec was the design fluid velocity for this project).
    • Resistance to impact.
    • Possibility of design for above ground and underground installation.
    • Reliable joining method (Adhesive bond coupling). Rigid This type of joints are considered as "rigid joints".
    • Expansion joints could Easley be incorporated in GRP aboveground pipes.

    Pipeline Specification:

    • Pipe material: Faratec GRE Pipe
    • Maximum diameter: 1000 mm
    • Pressure Class: 32 bar
    • Stiffness Class: 10000 Pa
    • Operating Temp: 33-40 C
    • Quantity: 5300 meter
    • Commissioning: First site :2006 , Second site : 2009
    • Client: Zagros Petrochemical Company
    • Consultant: PDEC Company
    • Contractor: Farassan Man. & Ind. Company

    انتقال مواد شیمیایی و آب دریا  به پتروشیمی
    Kharg Island Petrochemical Zone

     بهینه سازی تصفیه ی پساب های صنعتی
    Project Goal:

     GRVE لوله
    The aim of the project was to improve the efficiency of Industrial wastewater lines and treatment facilities of Kharg Petrochemical complex. Under restrict environmental codes and regulations the amount of oil/water mixture which is returned to the sea after the crude oil excavation must be kept minimal. Faratec GRVE pipes were used to transfer very highly corrosive and abrasive oil/water mixture to the treatment facilities in Kharg Petrochemical Complex.

    Project Highlights

    • Despite high vibration in connecting pumps to the GRVE Pipes, Faratec Piping sytems are still in operation without suffering any damage.
    • Complete stress analysis by Farassan Engineering department.
    • Deployment of expansion joint to compensate for linear expansion of the pipeline.
    • Application of special resins (Epoxy vinyl ester resin) and UV absorbent additives which are highly resistant thigh temperature as well as to the corrosive environment.
    • Installation using Flexible joining method (bell and spigot) and rigid joining systems (Hand layup).
    • Design of pipeline according to biaxial specification in order to withstand high axial forces.
    ANTI UV - Bell & spigot

    Pipeline Specification:

    • Pipe material: Faratec GRVE Pipe.
    • Maximum diameter: 400 mm.
    • Pressure Class: 16 bar.
    • Stiffness Class: 10000 Pa.
    • Quantity: 350 meter.
    • Commissioning year:2010.
    • Client: Iranian offshore Company.
    • EPC Contractor: Hirgan Energy & Samandees consortium.
    • Installation Contractor: Farassan Man. & Ind. Company

 GRVE لوله