Pipe Installation in Deep Trench - GRP pipe  Pipe Installation in Public PadWay- GRP pipe
GRP Surface and Storm water gathering-Pipe Pipe Installation In Existing Tunnel - GRP pipe
Shiraz City Rain Water Collection Pipeline Project
FRP Surface Storm Water Garthering
Project Goal:

Shiraz is a city with more than 2500 years of history. Maintaining the infrastructure of this ancient city has always been a priority for Shiraz Municipal Counsel. An important pipeline project was founded by Shiraz City Counsel and Municipal Office to collect surface water in a populated part of historic city of Shiraz.

Project Highlights:
  GRP Surface and Storm Water Gathering  Pipe
  • The installation was in a crowded downtown area.
  • The installation had to be carefully executed in order to prevent damage to the historic neighborhood houses.
  • Numerous infrastructures such communication cables, gas pipelines, swage lines had to be protected.
  • Due to the narrow trench width, using traditional installation equipments to compact the backfill soil was not possible. Therefore special combination of backfill soil had to be mixed and its soundness to preserve the pipeline was stimulated using special computer software.
  • Low weight Faratec™ GRP pipe made the installation in the high-traffic downtown area fast and easy
  • In order to increase the efficiency of pipeline for collecting the surface water ,the lope of pipeline was carefully calculated against the natural slope of installation site.
Pipeline Specification:

  • Pipe: Faratec™ GRP Pipe
  • Diameter: 1000 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 6 bar
  • Pie Stiffness: 5000 Pa
  • Approximate Quantity: 1108 meter
  • Client: Fars : Shiraz Municipality and City Counsel
  • Consultant: Paraab-Fars Consulting Company
  • Contractor: Masir-Gostar Sadra Company
  • Commissioning year: 2013