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Supply of Potable Water from Salam Farsi Dam to Larestan Region Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes
Potable Water  Using FRP pipe Potable Water Project  Using GRP pipe

Project Goal:

  • Supply of potable water to City of Larestan as well the villages and other communities which were located along the pipeline route such as:
  • Cities of Khonj, Ecaaz, Gerash.
  • Villages and communities: Khor, Latifi, Fishor, Aard, Fath-abbad, Mobarak-Abbad, and Imam Khomaini residential Sub-devision.
  • This 200 km pipeline is the longest GRP pipe line in Fars Province which transfers water from Salman Farsi Dam.
  • Client: Fars Regional Water Authority.
  • Installation Site: South of Fars Province.
  • Tehran Sahab Consulting Co, which was the consulting company for the project and the main client approved the quality of Faratec™ pipes, both before and after the installation and commissioning of the project.

Geography and Highlights of this project:

  • Installation in earthquake zone. Larestan area is located on an earthquake steak in Fars Province. The Data suggests that since the installation of the pipeline in 2009 There have been more than 240 earthquakes in the area, none of which had any effect on the operation of the pipeline.
  • Low weight of Faratec™ GRP pipe and therefore ease of transport and installation, resulted in substantial savings in this 200 Km pipeline project.
  • Joining of each pipe ends required 10 minutes. In addition to 200 Km of pipeline, a water treatment facility, six pumping stations, and a 70,000 cubic meter water reservoir.
  • The corrosive nature of the soil in the area in particular in Neemdeh village and Safe-Aabad area made the corrosion resistance GRP pipe the best choice for the project.
  • Faratec™ Pipes were installed in accordance with Faratec™ Installation manual.

Pipeline Specification:

  • Pipe: Faratec™ GRP Pipe
  • Diameter: 1000 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 6 bar
  • Pie Stiffness: 5000 Pa
  • Approximate Quantity: 1108 meter
  • Client: Fars : Shiraz Municipality and City Counsel
  • Consultant: Paraab-Fars Consulting Company
  • Contractor: Masir-Gostar Sadra Company
  • Commissioning year: 2013
 Water Transmission Lines Using GRP

Supply of Potable Water to City of Neyreez Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes

Water Transmission Project Using FRP pipe
Project Goal and Geography

  • Increase in population and expansion of city of Neyreeze the Fars regional water Authority decided to address the problem of water shortage of Neyreez and 9 villages in vicinity of the city.
  • Neyreez is located in eastern part of Fars province and is 180 Km to the city of Shiraz. Its climated is considered to be hot and dry and in summer the temperatures reaches 42 degrees Celsius.

Why Faratec™ Pipes was selected?

  • Light weight, ease of transport and installation were only a few reasons why Faratec™ pipes were selected for this project.
  • Low friction factor made downsizing the pipeline possible which results is financial savings both in terms purchase as well as installation time.
  • Thermoset property of the pipe structure provides dimensional stability during transport and installation.
  • Faratec™ Pipes were use successfully  in previous projects and therefore recommended by the consulting firm and the client.

Highlights of The project

  • Installation using standard trenches
  • Small diameter Faratec™ GRP pipes (DN 500 and smaller)
  • Using trenchless technology and pipe jacking in road crossings

Pipeline Specification:

  • Pipe material: Faratec™
  • GRP pipes Stiffness class: 5000 and 10000 Pa Max.
  • Diameter: 500 mm
  • Max. Pressure: 10 bar  commissioning:
  • Client: Fars Regional Water Authority Consultant: Aabsar Consulting Company
  • Installer: Sazeh Villa Construction Company
Supply of Water using GRP Pipe

Supply of Water to Choghart Iron ore mine - City of Bafgh and surrounding Villages

Supply of Potable Water Using FRP pipe
Project Goals:
  • Transfer of water to Choghart Iron ore mine - City of Bafgh and surrounding Villages
  • The water is transferred from Shahneh water reservoir in the vicinity of Yazd to the main location

Why Faratec™ GRP pipes?

  • Suitable for high pressure applications
  • Low weight which doesn't require heavy equipment for transport and installation
  • Ease of joining pipes (each joint takes approximately 10 minutes)
  • Corrosion resistance of the pipe, especially in apart of installation site which is a swamp area
  • Lower operation cost due to lack of corrosion and low friction factor

Pipe Speicification:

  • Pipe material: Faratec™ GRP Pipe
  • Max Diameter = 800 mm
  • Stiffness: 10000 Pa
  • Commissioning: 2009
  • Consultant: Farapox Engineering Company
  • Client: Contractor" Farassan Company & Gamroon Sanat Company Consortium

Highlights of the project:

  • Using wide trenches in some parts of pipeline route do to unstable soil condition
  • Various soil condition and mix which made installation a challenging task.
  • Installation in remote desert area and difficulty for logistics and support. Inherent ease of GRP Pipe installation and minimum need for heavy equipment was an advantage.
  • This 132 Km pipeline is one of the longest in Iran. Nearly 220 manholes for various accessories and valves were constructed along the pipeline route.

project Using FRP pipe
Transfer of water from Aydaghshloo Dam – Construction of siphons Using Fartec™ GRP Pipes

Construction of siphons Using Fartec™ GRP Pipes
Project Goal:

  • The goal of project was to transfer of water for irrigation purposes from Aydaghshloo Dam to surrounding agricultural fields.
  • Initially, culverts were used to transfer the water, but the constructed culverts were damaged to water pressure and therefore it was decided to replace the damaged structure with Faratec GRP Pipes.

Reasons for using Faratec™ GRP Pipes:

  • Resistance of pipe to high fluid pressure. The pressure is caused by high elevation.
  • Low weight of the pipes made it possible to use light installation equipments in mountainous and high slope regions.
  • High performance of Faratec™ GRP pipes in flood conditions.
  • Farassan was responsible for supply of the complete pipeline pipe and accessories.

Highlights of the Project:

  • Because of the flood condition, the bedding was filled with concrete.
  • Difficult installation conditions, sharp slopes and unfavorable weather conditions
  • Low weight of Faratec™ caused tremendous financial saving during the installation in sharp slopes
  • In order to increase the safety factor, the number of concrete supports were doubled by consulting company.

Pipe Specification:

  • Pipe material: Faratec™ GRP pipe
  • Diameter: 1600 mm
  • Pressure rating: 6 and 10 bar
  • Stiffness: 2500 Pa
  • Quantity: 336 meter
  • Commissioning year: 2009
  • Client: East Azarbaijan Regional Water Authority
  • Consultant: Yekom Consulting Company
  • Contractor: Farassan Man & Ind Company
Transfer of water from Aydaghshloo Dam  Using GRP
Bandare-Emam Project Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes

Project Goal:

The goal of this project was to supply water from Kote-Amir region to the largest petrochemical complexes in the Bandar-Emam Economic zone by the Persian Gulf. The needed water for this huge petrochemical complex is brought to complex from Kote-Amir purification plant in city of Ahvaz, purified more in Sar-Bandar purification unit so it would reach proper specification to be used in Bandar-Emam petrochemical complex. The First GRP pipeline in this region was constructed in 1974 and still is in service.

Geography of installation site:

Bandar-Emam is located in south western part of Iran and in the northwest of Persian Gulf. For more than 8 months the temperature reaches over 40 C and seasonal heavy rain fall is common in this region . The soil in this region is extremely soft and because of the proximity to the Gulf, the water level is very high.

Bandare-Emam Project Using Faratec™ GRP Pipes

Project Highlights:

  • 60 Km of this important project was supplied and installed by Farassan Man. & Ind Company.
  • High water level in the installation site was a challenge. Most of the pipeline was installed 1 to 3 meters below the water level in trenches.
  • Intersection of the pipeline route with railroad called for special installation techniques. Pipes had to be installed in depth of up to 6.5 meters using pipe-jacking procedure.
  • Construction  of 5 siphons using Faratec™ GRP pipes for a total of 4.5 Km.
  • A part of the pipeline was installed in swamp area.

Pipeline Specification:

  • Pipe: Faratec™ GRP pipes
  • Diameter: 2000 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 6 bar
  • Pie Stiffness: 5000 Pa
  • Approximate Quantity: 64 Km
  • Client: Petrochemical Special Economic zone
  • Consultant: Tehran-Boston Co.
  • Contractor: Farassan Man & Ind Company
  • Installation year: 2006 - 2007

Cheshmeh-Sasan Project

Project Goal:

The goal of the project was to reconstruct the old pipeline which was constructed more than 50 years ago. This aged pipeline was constructed to transfer water from Cheshmeh-Sasan springs to the agricultural farms in the Kazeron Region in Fars province. Faratec GRP pipeline was designed to transfer 400 Lit/sec of water to the region and distribute the water throughout the plain using 19 main pipe branches.

Why Faratec™ GRP Pipes:
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Low weight. Because the pipeline had to be installed in the villages and farmland and gardens, use of heavy installation equipment was not possible. Low weigh Faratec™ GRP pipes were installed using light installation machinaru without causing damage to trees and the environment.
  • In a section of the pipeline route, when the pipeline intersected Shah poor River, Special supports had to be designed in order to install and pass the pipeline on top of the river, without disturbing the river bedding and so to preserve the environment.

Pipeline Specification:

  • Pipe: Faratec™ GRP quales and manholes
  • Pipeline main section
  • DN: 600 mm,PN= 10 bar,SN: 2500 Pa,Quantity: 11.67 Km, DN= 500 mm, PN=10 bar,SN: 2500 Pa,Quantity: 2.22 Km, DN= 450 mm,PN=10 bar,SN= 2500 Pa,Quantity: 5.11 Km.
  • Pipeline branch section DN: 100 – 300 mm,PN= 10 bar, SN: 2500 Pa,Quantity: 1.7 Km.
  • Client: Fars Regional Water Authority
  • Consultant: Paraab-Fars Consulting Company
  • Contractor: Avisa Nasb Parsian Company
  • Commissioning year: 2012