Man & Ind Company is approved by "Iranian National Standard and Industrial Research Organization" as one of qualified manufacturers and GRP pipe and fittings.


 Our high quality products are approved by this organization to be used in various applications such as:

• Pressurized pipeline for potable water pipeline(ISIRI 10729 standard)
• Gravity municipal sewage piping systems (ISIRI 10730)
• Pressurized sewage pipeline (ISIRI 11433)
• Pressurized sewage pipeline accessories and fitting (ISIRI 11432)

farassan Quality Control Test
1- Raw Material

  • Inspection of received raw material
  • Periodical test of stored raw material
  • Inspection of Raw material before use in production process

    2- Control of production Parameters

  • 3- Quality control check of finished products before shipping

    farassan Quality Control Raw Material Farassan high quality GRP pipe and fittings
    Quality Control Tests
    Raw Materials Tests Resin Chemical Tests Resin Viscosity ASTMD 2196-ISO 2555 ASTM D1200
    Density ASTM E100  
    Styrene Content ASTM D1259  
    Gel time of Resin ISO 2535  
    Resin Reactivity ASTMD 2471 ASTM D7029
    Resin Acid Number ISO 2114  
    Water absorption of cured Resin ISO 62-ASTM D570
    Mechanical Tests Barcol Hardness test of cured resin ASTMD 2583  
    Tensile strength of resin ASTM D638  
    Elongation at Break of resin sample ASTM D638          
    Heat distortion Temperature ISO 75 , ASTM D648      
    Glass Roving Chop Roving

    Hoop Roving

    (Glass Roving)
    Tex( g/km)(100-4800) ISO 3374,1174      
    Moisture Content ISO3344        
    Loss on ignition test(600oC) ISO1174        
    Tensile strength ASTM D3822        
    Chemical resistance test        
    Wetting characteristic        
    Fuzz on the Fiberglass Internal Standard      
    Chop Distribution          
    Ease of unwinding          
    Silica Sand siller Particle Size Distribution(sieve test) ASTM E11-ASTM C33          
    Moisture content ISO 3344          
    Loss on Ignition ISO 1172    
    CaCo3 Content Internal Standard    
    wetting Property Internal Standard          
     (Cobalt Octoate)
    Metallic Ion Content Internal Standard          
    Gel Time using reference Resin ISO 2535          
    Reactivity Property ASTMD7029, 2471          
    Di Methyl Aniline (DMA) Gel Time using reference Resin ISO 2535          
    Reactivity Property ASTM D 7029, 2471            
    Peroxide Catalyst Gel Time ISO 2535          
    Reactivity Property ASTM D 7029, 2471  
    Surface Mat Area Weight  ISO 3374          
    Moisture Content ISOI 3344          
    wetting Property Internal Standard      
    Netting Area Weight ISO 3374        
    Netting Consistency   and measurement Internal Standard          
    Moisture Content ISO 3344          
    Mylar Area Weight ISO 3374          
    shrinkage at 190 C Internal Standard          
    Melting at 250 C Internal Standard          
    Gasket & Stopper Dimensional   check ISO 2859,9691,3302          
    Cross Section check ISO 2859,9691,3302          
    Shore Hardness A ISO7619          
    Epoxy glue Gel time ISO 2535          
    Reaction Property ASTMD7029, 2471          
    Tensile Strength ISO 4587          
    Styrene Polymer content ASTMD2121          
    Inhibitor Content Internal Standard      
    Control production parameters Raw Material check based on Project SPEC            
    Resin Daily tank            
    mandrel dimensional check            
    Material application zone            
    Pipe Quality Control Visual Inspection  ASTMD3754-ASTM 2563 Pipe Inner and Outer surface inspection          
    Color and Lamination Structure check          
    Steel band  Imprint in the inner surface of Pipe          
    Visual Inspection for defects : Delamination , Blisters, etc          
    Inspection of Pipe ends after Chamfering          
    Pipe Dimensional   Control-ASTM D 3567 Pipe thickness            
    Outer Pipe Diameter            
    Pipe Dos Control            
    Measure the length of the tube            
    Pipe sampling for Chemical and Mechanical Tests Based on ASTM D3517 (one sample for every 100 pipe, or daily 1 sample or after any production disruption          
    Chemical tests Loss on Ignition Test ASTM D2584          
      Water Absorption ASTM D570
    ISO 62
    Mechanical Tests  Pipe
      Non-destructive Test
    Hydrostatic Pressure Test Hydrostatic Pressure AWWA C950        
    Barcol Hardness        
    Pipe Destructive Tests Hoop Tensile Strength ASTM D2290 , 3517        
    Axial Tensile Strength ASTM D2105, ASTM D638 , 3517        
    Ring Stiffness ASTM D2412,
    ISO 7685
      2500 Pa 5000 Pa 10000 Pa
    Level A 15% 12% 9%
    Level B 25% 20% 15%